Sermons by Allen Reger

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Senior Pastor

1 Timothy 2 – Prayer and Order in the Church

August 16, 2015

Men should lead in prayer for the world’s people and powers so that we may lead peaceful lives and people may be saved. Women should adorn themselves with a quiet, submissive, teachable spirit, joyfully filling their important God-given role in the church and the home for the propagation of the gospel.

Victory in Seasons of Adversity and Prosperity – Acts 8:1-13:3

August 2, 2015
Series: Tides
Message 6: Victory in Seasons of Adversity and Prosperity

Things are not always as they seem. In the ironic processes of God, even what appears to be adverse can be used by God for victory. Whether in seasons of adversity or prosperity, there is always victory. We are working from victory, not toward it.

What’s a Dad to Do?

June 21, 2015

What’s a dad to do? How can you be the best dad to your kids? How can we be dads according to God’s design? And what about those who aren’t dads on Father’s Day?

Revelation Wrap-up

June 14, 2015

The book of Revelation is a difficult one and there is much debate about the details of its contents. Yet there are some clear, timeless truths God communicates to His people today through the book. In this message, we consider the big-picture, take-away lessons of our study in the book of Revelation.